8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery

Babette Rothschild will be presenting this workshop in March 2017 (Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane) for the last time in Australia!

Developed by Babette Rothschild, this one day workshop will expand attendees’s mind and toolbox for increasing stability, maintaining stability and 6CPD hrsreducing the risks associated with making things worse for individuals with trauma histories!

In this workshop Babette explores the 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery as described in her book which is published as an adjunct to self-help and professional recovery programs. This workshop provides a range of ‘Take-Care’ strategies to empower healing with an individual’s safety and needs in mind!

Why this workshop?

This workshop will draw from research discussing the prominent risks to an individuals wellbeing when working with individuals with a trauma background.

Who should attend?

This training is ideal for any helping professional including doctors, nurses, police, ambulance, peer leaders, carers, youth workers, welfare workers, teachers, counsellors, JSAs, corrections officers and anyone wanting a framework based in common sense and safety!

Dates & Locations